Every Saturday at 10:00am


Check back for special classes in the week!


Throughout the Year in accordance with Feasts of the Lord

Shabbat Services:

Every Saturday at 10am
10:00am-11:00am- Spirit Filled Praise & Worship
11:00am-11:30am- Traditional Blessings: Torah Portion Reading (7-Sidra Aliya) followed by a Midrash open discussion
11:30am- Messianic Teaching

Each service has something for everyone! Dynamic Spirit-filled praise and worship mixed with traditional deep rooted Jewish blessings that will enrich and strengthen your faith. Come and read from the Torah portion each week in the same way that Jesus (Yeshua) did when He went to Synagogue in His home town and then have a 10 minute discussion or Midrash on that Torah portion. Finally, receive revelation and nourishment from Messianic teaching each week from the weekly Torah portion.

Children’s classes are provided each week with fun activities, crafts, games and more from the weekly Torah portion.

Bagels and Coffee and refreshments are served every week.

Midweek Services:

We have classes throughout the week that you can join.

No Classes are available at this time. Join our email list to stay in tune with upcoming events and announcements. 

Special Services:

We have special Feast events throughout the year. Keep posted for the upcoming Feast Celebrations.

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