The Lord that HealsThis is part 2 of the series on “The Lord that Heals” by Pastor Joel Allen of Messianic Family Fellowship. This week Joel talks about another translation for Rapha, which is physician or doctor. It is one thing to believe and come to God as your healer when you are sick but it is another thing entirely to come to God and believe that He is YHVH Rapha, the  Lord our Physician. Doctors not only heal through medicines and treatments but they also give good medical advice to keep you on a path of good health. Do you listen to the advice that our God has given us for our health in the scriptures?
An Egyptian document called the Ebers Papyrus dated around the time of Moses is full of medical advise that ranged from the bizarre to the outright ridiculous. It read more like a a witchcraft recipe rather than anything remotely medically sound. This is the culture that Moses grew up in and learned from so you can imagine why YHVH had to teach Moses and Israel how to walk in divine health, saying He would not put any of the diseases of Egypt upon them.

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