December 6, 2014- Join Joel Allen as he teaches on Torah portion Vayishlach, recorded live at Messianic Family Fellowship on 12-6-14. This week Joel Allen teaches on the offering that Jacob gave to Esau and the Gematria or numerical value attached to the amount of animals offered to Esau as a Peace Offering which could have been the number 580 which is the number of the Yom Kippur goat to Azazel. Was this encounter with Esau and the wrestling of Jacob and the “God-Man” during Yom Kippur? Also what is the prophetic picture to the names of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob/Israel? What is in a name? To download the MP3 to your computer click this link and a new window will open with the audio player. Right click on the player and select “save audio as”- Download this sermon

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