October 18, 2014

Join Joel Allen as he teaches on Torah portion Briesheet, recorded live at Messianic Family Fellowship on 10-18-14.

Join Joel Allen of Messianic Family Fellowship as he starts a new Torah Cycle. In this exciting podcast you will take a journey through Genesis chapter 1 and the creation account. Although much can and has been taught on Genesis 1, Joel will challenge you in considering an old earth as opposed to a young earth model. Was there a creation prior to Adam? Where did the water come from and the ground underneath that God separated and put in there places? Why did God have to destroy the earth before Adam? This is a Part 1 of a 3 part series.

To download the MP3 to your computer click this link and a new window will open with the audio player. Right click on the player and select “save audio as”- Download this sermon

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