cover-thumbThis is part 3 of the series on the Seed of the Serpent Versus the Seed of the Woman. Pastor Joel continues by talking about the days of Peleg, the creation of the Isles of the nations and what this could have looked like. Did God divide the earth in the days of Peleg as mentioned in Genesis and 1 Chronicles? Is the Continental Drift theory possible, only a few billion years off? Joel also teaches on the Biblical location of the Garden of Eden. Some believe it is in Turkey, or Iraq, or even Africa. What does the Bible say and why are giants trampling and setting up strongholds all over it as if to want to steal the right of the very land that God said was His among the nations (Deut. 32:8)? All this and more in this week’s exciting podcast teaching from Messianic Family Fellowship recorded live 10/31/15.

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Seed of the Serpent VS the Seed of the Woman Series

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