coverThis week’s messianic hebrew roots teaching podcast finishes up a four part series on the priesthood, praise and worship, the tabernacle of Moses, the armor of God and the power of prayer. This week Joel Allen finishes his teaching on the armor of God being the priestly garments for the purpose of standing and praying. In Ephesians 6, the Apostle Paul says the whole purpose of putting on these garments are to do battle and intercede for one another. He uses a term to “stand.” The Hebrew word for stand is Amidah. The Jewish Amidah prayers have been a staple of Jewish spiritual life since the days of Nehemiah and Ezra and the great men of the assembly (120 according to Jewish legend). Are these prayers of standing significant in the life of the New Testament believer? Does the New Testament talk about these prayers? All this and more in this week’s podcast from Messianic Family Fellowship.

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