Most people today feel more comfortable with the idea that God is an all loving God that never gets angry and certainly will not punish anyone. Some may be surprised that our God is a God of Justice. You can’t be an all loving God without Justice. Love must act when others are being mistreated and neglected. This is why we read about God’s constant correction and punishment toward those that mistreat and neglect the widow, orphan and the poor. Our Torah portion this week is “Mishpatim” which can be translated as “Justice or Judgments.” In this week’s portion we read about laws of social justice and equity. In particular Pastor Joel talks about the subject of abortion and human trafficking. Did you know that these subjects are in our Torah portion this week? It’s time to wake up as God’s people and champion the causes that are dear to the Father’s heart! The weightier matters of the law: Justice, Mercy, and Faith (Matt. 23:23).

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