coverDid you know the Feasts of the Lord such as Passover and Pentecost are seen in the constellations? The bible tells us in Genesis 1 that the lights in the sky were given for times and seasons. The Hebrew word for seasons is moedim, which is the same word translated as “Feasts.” Can we see the “Feasts of the Lord” in the sky? What story is it telling us? The Bible is full of references to the signs of the Zodiac or the Biblical term, Mazzeroth. This doesn’t mean that we follow our horoscope but it does mean that God has an important message written in the stars for every culture, no matter what language can read. Paul mentions this in Romans that because of signs like these in nature, the nations are without excuse. Abraham knew the stars, Job knew the stars, Israel was likened unto stars, and the book of Revelation is riddled with imagery from the stars. Should this be something we pay attention to? Join us this week for another Messianic podcast teaching by Joel Allen of Messianic Family Fellowship.

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