cover-thumbEver wondered what Chanukah (Hanukkah) was all about? Where did the holiday start historically and what took place? Join Joel Allen as he explores the history of the Maccabees and the struggle they went through to reclaim the Temple in Jerusalem and to rededicate the Altar that was made desolate by Antiochus Epiphanies IV. If there was ever a clear type and shadow of the Anti-Christ to come it would be this ruthless leader. By the way what do all of the Anti-Christ types have in common throughout history, such as Antiochus, Nero, Hitler?
1. They hate God’s people (Israel)
2. They hate God’s laws (Torah)
What doctrine do you follow today? Do you speak against the Torah and find it hard to support Israel? Whose example are you following? Christ or the Ant-Christ (Man of Lawlessness). All this and more in this week’s podcast teaching from Messianic Family Fellowship recorded live 12-12-15.

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