coverThis is part 2 of the series on “Walking in Jubilee” recorded at Messianic Family Fellowship. This week Pastor Joel continues his teaching on ways that we can walk in God’s freedom, in particular this week, in our relationships and in our souls. Learn the biblical mandate for forgiveness and how we should treat our wives, husbands, sons and daughters, as well as our neighbors.
For many of us we have been hurt by someone on the past and we have a heavily walled city in our emotions that causes us to be stuck in a cycle of hurt and hurting others or being hurt by others. How do we break the cycles of bad habits, addictions, bad behaviors, anger and offense, and so many things that hold back believers from reaching the fullness of the calling that YHVH has for them. This week be challenged and healed so that your ministry of Jubilee can be activated by the Holy Spirit.

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