coverTorah portion Acharei Mot and Kedoshim are normally grouped together and considered the center parshas of the Torah. It is here that we learn about the Laws of Holiness. These particular laws if broken are grounds for removal of fellowship. In fact Israel is instructed to “purge the evil” from within by cutting these violators from the congregation. Did you know that these are the very laws that the Jerusalem Counsel led by James and the First Century apostles were used as the “essential things” written in letters to the non-Jewish believers in the book of Acts chapter 15? These laws are considered the heart of the Torah and would keep these new believers from being allowed in the Synagogues to hear Moses read. There are some that would teach that these were the Noahide Laws for Gentiles but in fact they were the Laws of Holiness and fellowship with the Congregation of Israel. Join in this week as Joel Allen dives into this series on the Heart of the Torah.

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