“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

-Matthew 28:19a

Our Discipleship Programs

We have many classes throughout the year that help disciple and equip the Body of Messiah to operate in the unique giftings and callings that God has for them. The Father did not make a “one size fits all” approach to discipleship and Messianic Family Fellowship understands that and offers classes and learning programs that are scheduled throughout the year meeting special needs throughout the Body. Some classes that we offer throughout the year:

  • Hebrew Class 101 (Biblical & Conversational)
  • Hebrew Class 102 (Biblical & Conversational)
  • Video Classes with Prominent Messianic Teachers on various subjects
  • Foundational Classes
  • Men’s Studies
  • Women’s Studies

Make Disciples Not Drones

discipleship-iconOur method of discipleship at MFF is to make disciples who then in turn make disciples. As the old parable goes, “you can give a hungry man a fish and he will be satisfied for one meal or you can teach the man how to fish and he will never hunger again.” For too long many churches have been more concerned with filling pews and than with filling hearts; drones over disciples. How can the Kingdom of God advance with 10% of the congregation doing 90% of the work? The answer is simple. It can’t. Now is the time for disciples to train up disciples so we can turn this world upside down to the Glory of our Father! Come and join us and get plugged in today!

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