MFF has many classes throughout the year to bless our members and our community. Whether you are new to these subjects or have some experience we welcome everyone to come and learn.


Hebrew Classes Every Saturday Morning from 9am-9:50am

Classes start Saturday August 20, 2016 and will be approx. 22 weeks long. There is a course fee of $10 per person to cover costs of materials. You can class at any time.

We will be learning:

  • Modern Hebrew
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Paleo (ancient) Hebrew

If you would like to know more about this class or would like to register for this class please email us at:

Hebrew Roots Introduction Class

Starting Thursday September 22, 2016 & approximately 10 weeks long.

Every Thursday night at 7pm we will be offering a basic introduction to what is called the “Hebrew Roots” of the Christian faith. There are many Christians today that are growing more and more curious about things in the Bible that have historically been deemed “Jewish.” We will be exploring the differences between Judaism and Christianity as well as the history and context of the Hebrew scriptures. This is a 101 style course offered for anyone whether you have been studying the bible for 40 years or a brand new believer in Jesus (Yeshua). This is a FREE course. Just bring a Bible and notebook and a hunger to learn.

For more information or to register for this class email us at: